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Dressed in all black (this is to seal his power inside). Tied to him is a long red scarf.

Kuro is an SSR ninja in Ninja Must Die.


The balance between ninja and samurai has been broken, while the fires of war have been ignited by the one he most trusted... Unable to face the destruction of lives, Kuro will try his best to prevent the spread of the war, no matter how powerless he may be. Fortunately, he is not alone on this journey


Icon Name Element Description Coefficient
Dragon Gunfire Dragon Gunfire Fire Summon 3 Blazing Firebolts that track their target for 8 sec. Firebolt explode: 0.01

Firebolt:0.18(max firebolt number is 78) Burn 8 stacks:0.168(First damage point)

Burn 10 stacks:0.21(0.021 per stack)

Burn maximum damage times:11(14 when tornado is missed)

Tornado first damage:2.715

Tornado subsequent damage:1.215 Burn 10-stack-explode:4.5 (0.45 per stack) Normal:28.158



Icon Perk Description Cost
Fire Commanding (Kuro) Fire Commanding ATK +80 when using a Fire Element Main Weapon 10 Kuro Fragments
Relic Signet (Kuro) Relic Signet Gain a Relic Slot (The added Relic Slot can only equip the relic of Black Dragon Relic Set) 30 Kuro Fragments
Flame Soul Arcana Flame Soul Arcana [Ninjutsu - Dragon Gunfire] Ninjutsu ATK +320 50 Kuro Fragments
Divine Fire Divine Fire [Ninjutsu - Dragon Gunfire] Tornado DMG +30% 70 Kuro Fragments
Enhanced Flame Meteor Enhanced Flame Meteor [Ninjutsu - Dragon Gunfire] number of Firebolt +1 90 Kuro Fragments
Skyward Tornado Skyward Tornado [Ninjutsu - Dragon Gunfire] Tornado size +50% and Tornado DMG +20% 110 Kuro Fragments

Support skills[]

Skill Description Cost
Rin skill Flame Torrent: ATK +10;

Ninjutsu ATK +60

20 Kuro Insight Books
Pyo Flame Torrent: ATK +20;

Ninjutsu ATK +60

40 Kuro Insight Books
Toh Flame Torrent: ATK +30;

Ninjutsu ATK +80

60 Kuro Insight Books
Sha Flame Torrent: ATK +40;

Ninjutsu ATK +80

80 Kuro Insight Books
Kai Flame Torrent: ATK +50;

Ninjutsu ATK +80

100 Kuro Insight Books
Jin Flame Torrent: ATK +60;

Ninjutsu ATK +100

120 Kuro Insight Books
Retsu Flame Torrent: ATK +70;

Ninjutsu ATK +100

140 Kuro Insight Books
Zai Flame Torrent: ATK +80;

Ninjutsu ATK +100

160 Kuro Insight Books
Zen Flame Torrent: ATK +90;

Ninjutsu ATK +100

180 Kuro Insight Books
Ninja Flame Torrent: ATK +105;

Ninjutsu ATK +120

200 Kuro Insight Books

Voice lines[]

When using Ninjutsu:

  • "Burn! Soul of Ninja!"
  • "Turn into ashes!"
  • "Taste my power!"
  • "Dragon Gunfire!"
  • "Fire Release!"
  • "Let me protect you."


Kuro is a boy who grew up in Ninja Village. His dream is to become a great ninja. When he was a child, Kuro had gone through a dark time because of the energy hidden inside his body. Thanks to the guidance from the Elder and the help from friends like Hayashiro, Kuro has managed to escape from the shadows and grown into an optimistic and enthusiastic teenager. However, after a few years, the country was no longer peaceful, and the change of Hayashiro led to the struggle of Kuro, whether to believe in his faith or not. In the cultivation in Kunai, Kuro went back to the past and broke the chains inside, reigniting his faith. He defeated the "White Kuro" and the power of dragon flame in his soul has awakened. Kuro has built up his true ninja faith successfully, and understood the duty and mission he carries.


Optimistic and approachable. Does not give in when facing difficulties and strives to be strong.


To become a great ninja.


Collecting scarves, music.

Race Mode[]

This applies only to race mode:

  • Kuro's secret ability. Kuro starts off with an initial Substitution Scroll.